MMU Degree show stand.

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On my final year at university I didn’t want to drop my clients and I took on too much so I had to calm down with this show and settle with just a stand rather than taking over the campus like I did in college.
The wallpaper in the background is the first part of a line of calligraphy/Arabic typography patterned wallpapers which will come up later. The rest of the stand I’ll leave to your own interpretation.

Business car poster concept.

Graphic Design

This concept would ideally be printed on Bible paper so it can fold tightly. I’ve originally designed it for my degree show exhibition but the concept wasn’t economically viable at the time, after all I don’t see myself folding 5,000 A2 posters in to A7 business cards. If there is a printer out there who would do it today at a decent price, let me know.

My Yoshimoto Cube

Graphic DesignTypography Design

I’ve designed this yoshimoto cube during a typography assignment in university and ended up producing more than I expected.
To me its not just a cube, but its also an insight to my background. Being half Arab and half British, both cultures usually get mixed together. The cube has two songs Wahran an arabic song designed to look western and English man in New York designed in a traditional Arabic theme (brown).
As you fold and unfold the cube you’ll see the two different side mixing and separating from each other. Likewise with my non Arab colleges I’m seen as an Arab and with my Arab friends I’m seen as British. As well as the Manchester Engineering Department picking up on it.

Ones Culture Fashion Show

T-shirt design

I found this post is a bit later than expected for this website.

I first started spray painting on t-shirt late 2006 and in late 2007 my t-shirts were featured in ones culture fashion show.
My shirts have come a long way from being spray painted, with more to come soon.

MQP Manchester 08-09

Graphic Design

MQP Manchester, a non profit organization that took me on as their designer from 2008 though to the end of 2009.
During that time I was allowed to experiment with print and print posters that are 1/3 A2 and 1/3 A3 as well as the orange flyer at 1/3 A4 (compliment slip size) that size wise stood out from the rest of the A5 flyers.
eventually I was nick named the orange flyer guy around University, “I’m still not sure if people knew my real name”

old new beginning

Yusf Ali Updates

This site will show my progress as a creative from the beginning of my career to the day Yusf Ali ends.
I will try to include my earliest work through to my latest work, which might take a few weeks/months to get up to date.
Stay tuned…