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The Artists LP


People tend to separate art. To me art comes in many forms, not just image, vocal or performance but also in every day work. After all a chef is just another way of saying food artist.
The piece its self is mixed media coated in 24k gold.

The Muhammed Ali effect.


Not only was he an outstanding sports man. He was a hero amongst the people standing for human rights and against political injustice. He used his status, wealth and influence to create a positive change for the people. And this is the second piece I’ve painted with a mixture of his and my lyrics as homage to him.


“I’ve injured a stone
I’ve murdered a rock
And hospitalized a brick.

I’m so bad I make medicine sick.

I’ve burnt fire
Drowned water
Came out fresh from the fryer.

Joe’s gonna be coming out smoking
But I aint joking
I’ll be picking and poking
Pouring water over his smoking

This might shock and amaze ya
But I’m gonna destroy Joe Frazer

All those people who blinked at the same moment,

They missed it…
It’ll be over before they realize it…”


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During my last week at Great Ledge printing, I had an opportunity open my own Showroom.
With a budget less than £200, a week, working evenings on it after work and some help from a friend mine Mohammed Osman we opened in time for Jan 2010.
I only had the place for only 3 months from January to March 2010, despite that it had been a great experience meeting a lot of people with a lot of interest. However I needed to be open longer than 3 months for it to be financially rewarding.