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Cascade Records…

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Early November 2010 I received an email from Cascade Records Paris, asking me to be an artist. Which was just in time because I was loosing my mind working in a debt collection agency. I needed a creative outlet.
Working with Cascade  Records gave me an opportunity to work with artists across the world from Japan to LA.
The artwork in this post is just a snapshot with more to come later on in 2011/2012.


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During my last week at Great Ledge printing, I had an opportunity open my own Showroom.
With a budget less than £200, a week, working evenings on it after work and some help from a friend mine Mohammed Osman we opened in time for Jan 2010.
I only had the place for only 3 months from January to March 2010, despite that it had been a great experience meeting a lot of people with a lot of interest. However I needed to be open longer than 3 months for it to be financially rewarding.

Every business can look interesting.

Graphic Design

Time and time again I hear that corporate i.d needs to be straight forward simple and plain, why?
Why can’t it look interesting whilst still presenting the companies message?
Usually the client can be a constraint to creativity, but more often we tend to be our own constraints with being clueless with what to do and how to present a standard business. Also if you do come across a difficult client who is worried on how you present his business take it upon yourself to convince him your design can work. Alternatively pick up clients that are willing to take risks.

MMU Degree show stand.

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On my final year at university I didn’t want to drop my clients and I took on too much so I had to calm down with this show and settle with just a stand rather than taking over the campus like I did in college.
The wallpaper in the background is the first part of a line of calligraphy/Arabic typography patterned wallpapers which will come up later. The rest of the stand I’ll leave to your own interpretation.

Business card poster concept.

Graphic Design

This concept would ideally be printed on Bible paper so it can fold tightly. I’ve originally designed it for my degree show exhibition but the concept wasn’t economically viable at the time, after all I don’t see myself folding 5,000 A2 posters in to A7 business cards. If there is a printer out there who would do it today at a decent price, let me know.