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During my last week at Great Ledge printing, I had an opportunity open my own Showroom.
With a budget less than £200, a week, working evenings on it after work and some help from a friend mine Mohammed Osman we opened in time for Jan 2010.
I only had the place for only 3 months from January to March 2010, despite that it had been a great experience meeting a lot of people with a lot of interest. However I needed to be open longer than 3 months for it to be financially rewarding.

MMU Degree show stand.

Graphic DesignTypography DesignYusf Ali Updates

On my final year at university I didn’t want to drop my clients and I took on too much so I had to calm down with this show and settle with just a stand rather than taking over the campus like I did in college.
The wallpaper in the background is the first part of a line of calligraphy/Arabic typography patterned wallpapers which will come up later. The rest of the stand I’ll leave to your own interpretation.

My Yoshimoto Cube

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I’ve designed this yoshimoto cube during a typography assignment in university and ended up producing more than I expected.
To me its not just a cube, but its also an insight to my background. Being half Arab and half British, both cultures usually get mixed together. The cube has two songs Wahran an arabic song designed to look western and English man in New York designed in a traditional Arabic theme (brown).
As you fold and unfold the cube you’ll see the two different side mixing and separating from each other. Likewise with my non Arab colleges I’m seen as an Arab and with my Arab friends I’m seen as British. As well as the Manchester Engineering Department picking up on it.