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Over the years I had the opportunity to give a few talks about my work.
So far I’ve spoke in Manchester college, Bolton college, Glasgow university and Aberdeen university.
By far the biggest talk I did was at Aberdeen university (top photo) with a crowd of 300 people plus and the Lord Mayer of Aberdeen as an unexpected guest. I admit I did choke in the first 5 minutes after that though the next 40 minutes were smooth.

Bri-Tek Technologies.

Brand ManagementYusf Ali Updates

January 2011 I secured a contract with a startup LED company. Starting off as a small team of just 3 people it quickly expanded to 20 plus people and my role of a graphic designer quickly turned to an Art director, managing a team of photographers, printers and web designers I was in charge of its brand identity and consistency making sure everyone knew what they’re doing.
After 2 years of working alongside of the managing directors my work was done my contract had ended.


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During my last week at Great Ledge printing, I had an opportunity open my own Showroom.
With a budget less than £200, a week, working evenings on it after work and some help from a friend mine Mohammed Osman we opened in time for Jan 2010.
I only had the place for only 3 months from January to March 2010, despite that it had been a great experience meeting a lot of people with a lot of interest. However I needed to be open longer than 3 months for it to be financially rewarding.

MMU Degree show stand.

Graphic DesignTypography DesignYusf Ali Updates

On my final year at university I didn’t want to drop my clients and I took on too much so I had to calm down with this show and settle with just a stand rather than taking over the campus like I did in college.
The wallpaper in the background is the first part of a line of calligraphy/Arabic typography patterned wallpapers which will come up later. The rest of the stand I’ll leave to your own interpretation.

old new beginning

Yusf Ali Updates

This site will show my progress as a creative from the beginning of my career to the day Yusf Ali ends.
I will try to include my earliest work through to my latest work, which might take a few weeks/months to get up to date.
Stay tuned…