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ITV intro

Coronation street Mosque Calligraphy _____________________________ An opportunity to create calligraphy pieces for the set of Coronation Street is a job I couldn't pass

you cant turn off freedom Libya

You can't turn off Freedom Libya _____________________________ A very simple concept of a power button used to represent a switch for freedom during the Libyan Revolution that can be and was adapted to may flag of countries going though similar circumstances

yusf ali omar el mukhtar

Omar El Mukhtar _____________________________ Omar El Mukhtar became a symbol resistance to many Arab nations in an almost 20 year fight against the Italian colonization of Cyrenaica now Eastern Libya. I brought him back once again as an icon of resistance to the tyranny of the Gaddafi regime.

File not Found Exhibition

File not Found Exhibition _____________________________ An exhibition like no other That is more than a visual experiance. Walking though this exhibition demands your sight, touch, smell, hearing and heart. Its a shame these photos don't do it justice.

File Not Found Art Exhibiton promo

File Not Found Art Exhibition Promo _____________________________ A one of a kind exhibition at the time, with a one of a kind promo concept and a very limited budget we had to make things work.

Pattern Design

Pattern Design _____________________________ Geometric patterns tend to be built mathematically. However it is possible to create similar geometric patterns without the use of complex mathematical systems by overlaying and multiplying the shapes. This technique can also be used with topographical patterns. The one in this example is in Arabic in a typeface I designed back in college.


Irony of Peace ______________________________ This one is self explanatory if you can tell what it is and what its made of.


Trone of Trash _______________________________ This piece can cover a lot of interpretations. All I’m going to say is that there are a lot of people in power who talk trash and do not lead by example. Its other interpretation is a reflection of the value of our disposable culture today.

DSCF0225 l

Ackryte X AL_PD Sententia _______________________________ I was fortunate enough to produce a typeface for Cascade Records for a limited edition CD. The custom typeface and the inside of the CD was made by myself, the artwork was created by Skyler Bieberly.

yusf ali yusuf the artists lp 11

Artists LP _______________________________ People tend to separate art. To me art comes in many forms, not just image, vocal or performance but also in every day work. After all a chef is just another way of saying food artist. The piece its self is mixed media coated in 24k gold.

DSCF02112 l

Sunrise Choir _______________________________ A collaboration Between Low (, Cascade Records ( and myself. With the main artwork front cover and inside Designed by Low. I was responsible for the CD and the back.


Talks _______________________________ Over the years I had the opportunity to give a few talks about my work. So far I’ve spoke in Manchester college, Bolton college, Glasgow university and Aberdeen university.

aj banner photo

Artistic Jihad _______________________________ As controversial as the name sounds, (Jihad: Arabic for struggle) the logo caused more of a stir with the organizers than the name they’ve picked. Eventually I’ve managed to convince with the meaning of the logo (which I’ll leave to your own interpretation).


Mohammad Ali effect _______________________________ Not only was he an outstanding sports man. He was a hero amongst the people standing for human rights and against political injustice. He used his status, wealth and influence to create a positive change for the people. And this is the second piece I’ve painted with a mixture of his and my lyrics as homage to him.

all in one one in all led light bulb str

Bri-Tek Technologies _______________________________ January 2011 I secured a contract with a startup LED company

Logo V2

Cascade Records _______________________________ Early November 2010 I received an email from Cascade Records Paris, asking me to be an artist. Which was just in time because I was loosing my mind working in a debt collection agency. I needed a creative outlet.

DSCF8527 l

Arabic Greeting cards _______________________________ Arabic greeting cards with my custom made Arabic typeface and an added modern twist.

in it to skim it b cards-01

In it to Skim it Business cards _______________________________ Time and time again I hear that corporate i.d needs to be straight forward simple and plain, why?


Logo snapshot _______________________________ Snapshot of logos designed from 2007 to 2009.


Urban Expressionism _______________________________ My art eventually developed into a form of self expression, expressing my own thoughts on personal, social, religious and political issues. As with most artists inspiration comes at different stages of your life.

showroom7 b

Showroom _______________________________ During my last week of work at Great Ledge printing, I had an opportunity open my own Showroom.

DSCF8045 l

MMU Degree show _______________________________ On my final year at university I didn’t want to drop my clients and I took on too much so I had to calm down with this show and settle with just a stand rather than taking over the campus like I did in college.


Poster Business card _______________________________ This concept would ideally be printed on Bible paper so it can fold tightly.


ITV Britania High Artwork _______________________________ After displaying my work at the Space gallery GLP Design picked up on me and commissioned me to produce artwork for ITV.


Criativo _______________________________, a web design company which I work for on a freelance basis during university. 2008-2009


My Yoshimoto Cube _______________________________ I’ve designed this yoshimoto cube during a typography assignment in university and ended up producing more than I expected.


City College graduation show publicity _______________________________ Be impressed degree show publicity Client: City College Flyer & poster printed with Spot Varnish 2009


MPA Roses Awards publicity Design _______________________________ Flyer and Poster design. Job won during a competition in 2008


Ones Couture Fashion Show _______________________________ I first started spray painting on t-shirt late 2006 and in late 2007 my t-shirts were featured in ones culture fashion show.


Salah Martial Arts Banner _______________________________ Client: Salah Martial Arts, UK 2009 Credits: Ahmed Hamdi

a6 flyer front 10 and final one inshaAll

Leeds Universty Discove Islam week Malcom X special. _______________________________ Client: Leeds University 2008

haq final lr

Hand Printed Arabic Calligraphy and typography _______________________________

mqp flyer

MQP publicity design _______________________________ MQP Manchester, a non profit organization that took me on as their designer from 2008 though to the end of 2009.

Sace gallery

Space art gallery ______________________________

Pre 2007 Artwork

Pre 2007 Artwork ______________________________

My Guerilla Advertising back in the

College graduation show _______________________________ My Guerilla Advertising back in the day.


Imagine Chocolate box _______________________________ A one of a kind chocolate box design inspired by Iranian graphic designer Reza Abedini

Ameen Calandar

Ameen Calandar _______________________________ This was my first commercial project back in 2006 when I was in college. Today I would have done a hundred things differently but at the time it was a buzz.

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